Zoey Langley
Actor Ashley Benson
First Appearance Season 1
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Age 24
Lifespan Season 1 to present
Ethnicity Mexican/American/Italian
Relations Selena Langley


Dante Langley


Jake Langley


Gender Female
Occupation Car mechanic

Zoey is a well known,longtime member of the group.She,along with Heather McMillan,Jill Grimes Parker,Alessa Hoffman,Maria Ramirez and Claire McMillan have been with the group since The Farm.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Zoey is a beautiful woman with long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes.She is a very sweet and caring person.She tends to be very protective with those she cares about.She is also very friendly and kind to most people.She is also rather sensitive especially in times of hardship.She can be sarcastic and has a good sense of humour at times.She is a very nice person as well.She can be mean if you mess with her or anyone she cares about.


She grew up with her dad most of life. Zoey's mom died when Zoey was 8. She has younger brother named Jake who's 15. Zoey lives in Atlanta,Georgia. Her mom is mexican while her dad is part Italian and American. She was in her garage,working on a car when the infection hit. She was in complete shock,she saw her brother had been bitten by a walker. He had grabbed her arm and say one thing that broke Zoey's heart,"I love you,Zoey." She quickly shot him when he had try to bit. She is still trying to get over his death. Zoey had gotten what she needed and carefully opened the garage door. She was wide eyed when she saw nearly hundreds of walkers. Quickly and carefully,she had sneaked past them. She then noticed a nearby convenice store and walked in. She has been practically living in there and has sheltered herself in there from the walkers. Just the other day,one walker had wandered in the convenice store and nearly attacked her. Luckily,she had killed it before it could even bit her. 

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Killed VictimsEdit

This is a list of victims she has killed:

Numerous counts of zombies

Her brother Jake


Maria RamirezEdit

She and Maria get along with each other really well.Maria is like a sister and best friend to her.She will stand by Maria's side no matter what.