This page is for the many vehicles used in The Walking Dead: All Hope is Lost. Please use 2010 or earlier models if possible.

The Main RP Survivor Group VehiclesEdit

2010 Ford Raptor

  • Status: Still in Use
  • Background: Driven by Leon Vance. Originally his dads, he now uses it after being forced to excecute them because they tried to commit a murder-suicide on the family in the early days of the apocalypse. He has had modified it some by a mechanic in the group to include metal bars on the windows and on the front to run over walkers.

2008 Conquest Vehicles Knight XV
Knight XV

  • Owned by Sarah Kusanagi
  • Driven by Sarah Kusanagi
  • Status: Still in Use
  • Background: Sarah had the Knight XV even before the outbreak started. During the beginning of the outbreak, when she returned to her house in Frederick, Maryland, she opted her Knight XV over her Ford GT, believing the SUV was more of a practical choice for driving around the apocalypse.

Nebula AX700 All Terrain Vehicle

  • Owned by Arella Vega
  • Driven by Arella Vega
  • Status: Abandoned
  • Background: When Arella was first introduced, she escaped an abandoned barn by stealing the parked ATV from her attacker. In a failed escape by the group during Season 3, she was grabbed and flung off by a Walker, no longer proving the ATV to be a safe means of transportation.

Lenco BearCat Edit

20780402 BG1
  • Owned by Cole North
  • Driven by Cole North, Jermone, Grant and Kent Morris
  • Status: Still in use
  • Background: Cole found the truck in Morgantown and drove it around collecting three other survivors in it untill he got to Montana and set up camp with it near by. It has yet to make a physical appearence to the group at the school.

1994 Ford E350
1994 ford e350 box truck 4500 columbia 9709416

  • Owned by Kent Morris
  • Driven by Kent Morris, Cole North
  • Still in use
  • Background: The truck was picked up by Kent on a scavenge run and used as a supply truck for the group up untill they got to the School.

2007 Honda Shadow
HONDAShadowSpiritVT750C2-medium-4669 5

  • Owned by: Christopher
  • Driven by: Christopher
  • Still in use
  • Background: Was bought by howard and gifted to Christopher.

Campsite Two Survivor Group VehiclesEdit

2007 Kia Sorento LX
Kia Sorento LX

  • Owned by unnamed survivor
  • Driven by Yuki Kagero
  • Status: Still in Use
  • Background: While scavenging through abandoned vehicles on the road near Orlando, Yuki decided to use one of them to store her belongings and travel around places. Upon finding the Kia Sorento with the key still left inside the ignition, she ended up taking the SUV. Later on, it becomes her group's primary means of transportation.