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Actor Robert Downey Jr. First Appearance Season 5 Last Appearance N/A Status alive Age 26 Lifespan Season 5 to present Ethnicity Caucasian Relations Brian Miller(brother) Gender Male Occupation: highschool gym teacher

Travis is a newmember of the main survivor group in the main rp

Pre-apocolypse Edit

Travis a high school football star. He could gone pro if not for an injury in college. After his injury he chose to do the next best thing and teacher in highschool. He became the gym teacher as well as coach for the senior football and wrestling teams. 

Post apocalypseEdit

Travis and his older brother Brian went to a family reunion when the outbreak hit. Travis saw his whole get torn apart. Saver him and his brother that is.After they escaped him and his began to look for the military evac. But it never came. After ward her and his brother took refuge in a church for years until his brother died while they were looking for supplies. After that he left.

Weeks later he stumbled upon the main group in the boarding school. After joining he was put on guard duty as well as helping with new people.

Killed VictimsEdit

Dozens of zombies

His older brother Brian (mercy killed him since he was bleeding out from a walker bite)

Relationships Edit

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