Samantha Turner
Actor What person you used for the image
First Appearance Season 5
Last Appearance NA
Status Alive
Age Age
Lifespan Season 5-Present
Ethnicity Ex. Caucasian, Korean, African-American
Relations June(daughter)


Gender Female
Occupation What they did before the apocalypse

Samantha Turner is a recurring character in the Main RP. She is a former Follower that betrayed them joining Sarah's group instead as she saw the true monster that Lance is. She has a two year old daughter named June and in her short time within the group she has made friends with Andrew Gutlans, Bikka, and Jermone.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Samantha is a beautiful young woman with long dark black hair and beautiful eyes. She usually keeps her hair up in a ponytail but sometimes she lets it down when ends just around mid back. She usually wears tanktops and flannel shirts with jeans and jordons. Samantha is a kind woman who is in a lot of ways like Annie but she has a tough side to her if you mess with her or her daughter. She is a single mother trying to raise her daughter in this hellhole.


Samantha was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

Post ApocalypseEdit

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Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of/Some/A few zombies.(NOTE: They are not officially called zombies often in the RP, but the Walking Dead wiki uses this)