Olivia Wilkins
Olivia TWD
Actor N/A
First Appearance Season 7
Last Appearance Present
Status Alive
Age 20
Lifespan Season 7 - Present
Ethnicity Caucasian (Scandinavic)
Relations Mattias - Boyfriend (Alive)

Mother - (Unknown) Father - (Unknown)

Gender Female
Occupation High school student

Olivia is a survivor from England who lived in a suburb outside London with her parents. She used to visit a pub nearby. During the epidemic she met a guy named Mattias at the pub which she later on would get together with. The following day when the Walkers arrived to the suburb, they urgently had to leave. Olivia tried to persuade her parents to go with them but they refused and stayed behind. Olivia and Mattias went to London-Heathrow Airport where they bought tickets to the nearest departure, which turned out to be Washington, D.C. From there on they survived by staying at different hideouts. Later on they found the community "The Kingdom".

Pre-Apocalypse (2010- ) Edit

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Small talk at the pub Edit

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Leaving for good Edit

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Washington, D.C. Edit

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The Kingdom Edit

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Appearance Edit

Olivia is 5'6'' tall and weight 156 lbs. She has white skin tone with freckles by the nose and has hazel eyes. She has light brown short hair with a braid. She wears a darkbrown leather jacket and light blue jeans shorts. She has a scar crossing her face and it's very visible. On her back she has plenty of scars from being tortured and whipped. She uses a Glock 17' 9mm but also carries a knife for close up battles.