Leon Vance
Actor Jesse McCartney
First Appearance Season 1
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Age 20
Lifespan Late Season 1 to present
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relations Austin Vance (Brother)
Gender Male
Occupation Did odd-jobs around the neighborhood;

helped out at the Police Station

Leon James Vance, better known as Leon, is a prominent member of the survivor group in The Walking Dead: All Hope is Lost. He is the brother to Austin Vance, and first appeared late in Season 1. He is very good at doing supply runs, hunting, and navigating. Due to his seniority as a member of the group, he is highly respected by many of the originals. He has become close friends with fellow survivors Andrew Gutlans Ben Fenix, Lucas Fenix, Marcus Fenix, and Sean Fenix.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Leon is a slim, somewhat tough Caucasian man with Brown-Grey hair. He has developed muscle while surviving in this apocalypse for two years.

Leon is friendly, only turning irrational in the hardest of descisions.


Leon was a pretty normal teenager, helping his dad around the police station or helping neighbors. Every weekend, he and his dad went hunting in the woods near their house.


The day after the virus broke out, Leon was asleep in his house in a small town. He woke up to strange groaning noises coming from outside and the sound of hammering nails. He got up and got dressed. When he walked out, his

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Killed VictimsEdit

Numerous counts of zombies and people.



  • Leon is curently the only survivor in the group to get bit and survive.