Laura Bennett
Actor Mackenzie Foy
First Appearance Season 4
Last Appearance What season they died/left in
Status Alive
Age 10
Lifespan Season 4 to present
Ethnicity American
Relations Angela Bennett

Ellis Bennett (father)
Michael Bennett (brother)

Gender Female
Occupation Student

Laura is a well known member of the group.She alone has been with the group at the current location Boarding School



Laura was born and raised in Savannah,Georgia.She grew up in downtown Savannah,Georgia in a small family.One night,she had heard scary sounds but try to ignore them and kept sleeping.Soon enough,the sounds stopped completely.Upon hearing the door open,she had stayed asleep.Once she was woken up by her daddy and brother,she sat up.Once being told to pack,she got up and did so.When all ready,they ran out the door.She was on the run with her dad and brother in search for somewhere safer.But she lost them to a group of walkers.

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