Kent Morris
Actor Josh Duhamel
First Appearance Season 5
Last Appearance Mid-season 5 Killed by Grant. Cole finished him before Reanimation
Status Deceased
Age 34
Lifespan Season 5 to present
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relations Family
Gender Male
Occupation Mechanic


Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Caucasian with a buzzed head. Like Cole and Jermone he wears Khakis and black steel toe boots and he also wears a digital cameo ammo vest. Under his vest he has on a oiled stained button up with the mechanic shop's logo on it saying "Dicks and Hicks Auto". The Logo is a truck with flaming wheels with the words above the picture. He has a tattoo of a Autobot symbol on his right arm wrist location. Kent doesn't say much but he loves to sit and listen to people. Kent is also known for a slight aggitation problem.


Kent had a boring life before the dead started to walk. He dropped out of high school and hit drugs and alcohol bad. He had a wife but she left him when he would always come home drunk. After he dropped out of high school he got a job at the Auto shop, but he still got drunk on the job and ended up almost getting fired.


Kent noticed Cole's group and brought them to his encampment, Bonneville. During the time Cole's group was at the town Kent started tuneing up the SWAT truck Cole owned. When the town was attacked Kent jumped into the truck with Cole and they sped away from the town.


Killed By

Kent was mentally weak as he was left at his camp's base for two weeks without communication. He finally got contact with Cole and Jermone after they finally could leave the School. He quickly thought that they have changed due to the fact that he held a gun to a Follower's head and both his colleges did the same to him. He later started to think about killing the two of his "friends". His final moments were Ironic as he was killed by his only friend he trusted Grant.



Kent doesn't trust Jemone anymore then the others of the group. Shot him and left him to die.


Kent tends to get into arguments with Cole more then anyone out of the trio. Made sure Kent didn't get back up.


Kent and Grant started a friendship during their time in the town and Kent trusts Grant the most and takes his side more than anyone elses. Was killed when he came back from a supply run without Jermone and said it was the Follower's that killed him, but Grant got the final say into it and killed him.


  • Kent likes quite places when he doesn't want to speak.
  • His weapons include:
  1. a Remington 870
  2. Beretta
  3. kitchen knife