Kayla Hyde
Actor Jessica Alba
First Appearance Season 5
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Age 17
Lifespan Season 5 to present
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relations Mark Hyde (Father) - Unknown

Conner - (Adoptive Father) - Dead

Gender Female
Occupation School Student
Kayla is one of the newest survivors that the group has taken in during their stay at the boarding school.



Black curly hair and blue eyes only about 5ft tall maybe not even that. She wears combat boots which she has had since she was 16. Leather Jacket and Pants with colourful tops. Has a tattoo of a rose on her neck with the vine going down between her breasts.


Outgoing and loyal she is also shy around strangers. Since being with Conner she has become more respectful towards people but tends to be more wary of them. Also since being with Conner she has grown up lot and has become more mature in the way she sees things.


Kayla had a hard up-bringing due to her abusive father he would offen beat her for minor things. Her mother died when she was young too young to remember her. Her father offen told her she looked like her mother when he was having a kind moment.

Kayla had sneaked out of the house one night with her cousin and got a tattoo of a Rose going down between her breasts. Kayla couldnt walk for a week after afterward due to her father.


Kayla survived with some of her school friends in an old shopping centre in Denver. One Day Walkers got in and they all ran thier seprate ways. And she had never seen any of them again.

One day while walking down a hghway Conenr stoped his RV to see if she wanted a lift. She had been with Conenr for 10 months Conner had taught her some basic first aid. They also raided a police station to see if they could get some weapsons for Kayla. They found a Taurus PT92 and a Machete in the evidence locker.

Conner became very protective of Kayla within months of them meeting. On one of thier failed raids Kayla had to give Conner snitches  which she offen teased him about. It was a game they would tease each other about any injuries they had received in their travels. 

Conner and Kayla had made a pact that if either one of them was bit they would kill the person who was bit. Kayla had to kill Conner when he was bit from a walker.

Kayla met Jermone she started to flirt with him in an joking around way. Kayla has formed an attachment to Jermone who was there when she had to kill Conner.

Season 5Edit

Killed Conner after he was bitten by a walker. Is currently at the boarding school in a room with Travis, Grant and Jermone.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Conner before reanimation
  • Numberous counts of zombies.



  • Weapon of choice is a Machete
  • Was on the fencing team of her high school
  • Conner had taught her to drive