Heather McMillan
Actor Amanda Seyfried
First Appearance Season 1
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Age 23
Lifespan Season 1
Ethnicity American/British
Relations Cheryl McMillan


Chad McMillan (father)

Nick McMillan (brother)

Claire McMillan (sister)

Gender Female
Occupation Singer

Heather is a well known,longtime member of the group.She,along with Zoey Langley,Jill Grimes Parker,Alessa Hoffman,Maria Ramirez and Claire McMillan have been with the group since The Farm.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Heather is a beautiful woman with long straight blonde hair and blue eyes.She is a sweet and caring person.She likes to joke around and she has a sick sense of humour.She is also very kind and friendly to most people.She can coldhearted at first but eventually,she'll warm up to you.She is a fun loving girl as well.She is very sensitive especially in times of hardship.She can be sarcastic and she will be mean or cruel if you mess with her or anyone she cares about.She is very protective especially of her sister Claire.


She and her brother Nick were heading to Nyc just before the infection came. Heather's parents had died in a car accident,a few weeks ago. She grew up in very small family. She had ran away once from home. Her parents used to fight a lot and that bothered her. Heather has only her brother now. She used to cry a lot at night when her parents were fighting. When the infection had hit,Heather and her brother Nick were in their hotel room. Heather and Nick rushed to get their stuff and went to the airport. But,when they got there,it was completely empty. Not a single human was to be found. She and Nick quickly made it downtown. Nick had smashed the window opened and hot-wired the car. Quickly,Heather threw the stuff in the backseat and hopped into the passenger seat. Nick got in and away they went.

Post ApocalypseEdit

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Killed VictimsEdit

This is a list of victims she has killed:

Numerous counts of zombies



Heather M

Heather singing