Edwin Harris
BOB DickWinters
Actor Damian Lewis
First Appearance Season 5 to Present
Last Appearance NA
Status Alive
Age 27
Lifespan Season 5 to Present
Ethnicity American/Irish
Relations Amy Harris (deceased)

Jen Harris (deceased)

Gender Male
Occupation Field Medic (former)

Appereance Edit

Edwin stands at about 6 0". He has a medium build with fair skin. His hair is cut short so one couldn't see the color very well. His hair color is a chestnut red. His eyes are a sky blue. Edwin is rather muscular, working out every day, and exercises to keep busy. He has a standard military medic uniform. When he's off duty he usually wears a pair of shorts with a t-shirt in the summer, jeans with a t-shirt and leather jacket in the fall, black pants with grey coat and scarf in the winter, and a pair of jeans with a shirt and small vest in the spring.

Personality Edit

Edwin follows orders. He's a field medic, and a pretty good one at that. Is very straightforward with others, giving them his opinion on things without caring if he offends them. This can often lead to disputs among others. Is a fighter, never gives up and will die to protect the ones he loves. Comes off as hard and rough when you first meet him, but will become more friendly once he gets to know you.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Edwin grew up in Southern Ohio. He had a vivid imagination, and always dreamed of going off to fight the "bad guys" and save the day. He would exercise and train to join the army since he got the idea when he was 12. His parents supported him, letting him go to military school and boot camp over the summers. They did not approve of the idea of killing however. By the age of 18 he enlisted and joined the United States Army as a Field Medic to satisfy his parents. He served a tour in Afghanistan, but was called back when his parents passed away in a car crash when he was overseas. Edwin was 21. He decided to go back overseas to cope with the pain. He met his future wife, Amy, before he was called over. The two married the day he shipped out, when he was 22. Serving two more tours, Edwin was promoted to Corporal. Unfortunately, he was injured during a suicide bombing and was sent back to the U.S. He was awarded a Purple Heart. He was 26 then. During his 12 month of healing, his leg was fractured and he had to go through psychological therapy, he and Amy had a daughter. Jen. Edwin was ready to go back on his fourth tour when the Zombie Apocalypse happened. His wife and 9 month old daughter were killed in the initial outbreak, leaving Edwin devastated.


Edwin managed to survive by becoming a nomad and scavenger. He traveled from town to town, leaving Ohio and walking all the way to Montana. Edwin survived alone the entire time of the outbreak, never once seeing another living soul. 

Killed VictimsEdit

Numerous Walkers