Claire McMillan
Actor Taylor Momsen
First Appearance Season 1
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Age 19
Lifespan Season 1 to present
Ethnicity American/British
Relations Cheryl McMillan


Chad McMillan (father)

Nick McMillan (brother)

Heather McMillan (sister)

Gender Female
Occupation Student

Claire is a well known,longtime member of the group.She,along with Heather McMillan,Jill Grimes Parker,Zoey Langley,Maria Ramirez and Alessa Hoffman since The Farm.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Claire is a beautiful young girl with long bleach blonde hair and blue eyes.She has a personality that is similar to Nick's and Heather's.She can be very sarcastic and have a sick sense of humour like Heather.She was Nick in some ways but a lot like Heather in many ways.She's very sweet,caring and kindhearted.She may be cold at first but she will warm up to you once she gets to know you.


She was born into a small family.She is Heather's younger sister.She used to cry with her sister when their parents would fight with each other at night.She was in the car accident that killed her parents but luckily she had survived.She lost both parents in a car accident a few weeks ago.She only has her sister Heather now.

Post ApocalypseEdit

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Killed VictimsEdit

Numerous counts of zombies

Nick McMillan