Belinda 'Bikka' Keys
Actor Genevieve Padalecki
First Appearance Season 5
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Age 30
Lifespan Season 5 to present.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relations Sam Keys
Gender Female
Occupation Office Manager
Bikka is one of the newest survivors that the group has taken in during their stay at the boarding school.



Anti-social until she gets to know a person. Bikka liked to be practical and likes to think things through before taking action.  Belinda also likes to speak her mind when sometimes comes across as rude. Belinda is a caring person once she opens up and will do anything for those she counts has friends.

Belinda is also loyal to those she counts has friends.


Brown shoulder length hair with blue eyes. Mainly wears jeans with a tank top and unbuttoned plaid shirt. Has a tattoo of the southern cross on her shoulder blade.

Wears her husband wedding ring on a chain around her neck.


When Belinda was growing up her Father was a scout a leader and had taught Belinda how to surive in the bush.

Belinda worked for a Accounting firm in Sydney. She was one of the Office Managers. She lived at Bondi with her Husband Sam.


When the apocalypse first happened Sam decided it was best to avoid all all people. So they went Bush. They had run into a group of people once. But in the dead of night Sam woke up Bikka and they left the camp that every night.

Sam died to save her from a group of walkers He told Bikka to run and to live on without him. Bikka ran away and hid she returned to where she had last seen Sam but she only to find Sam had turned. Bikka had to kill him it was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Once she killed Sam she took his ring of his finger and placed on the chain with her cross. 

Bikka survived 6 weeks on her own by staying in wooden area and avoiding people which came to a stop she met up with the broading school survivors. She only went into towns when she needed supplies.

Season 5Edit

Bikka met the group on unfriendly terms. But is slowly starting to gain thier trust.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Sam after Reanimation
  • Numberous counts of Walkers


  • Doesn’t know how to use a gun
  • Her stick has a pointed end like a spear but is basically a walking stick.
  • Her Knife has SK engraved into the handle it was her husbands.
  • Is a non-practicing Catholic but will cross herself during hard times.
  • She got her Nickname "Bikka" from her her Father who didnt like her friends calling her Bells'