Aria Vega

Aria Vega
Actor Lucy Hale
First Appearance Season 4
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Age 16
Lifespan Beginning Season 4 to present
Ethnicity Spanish
Relations Arella Vega (Cousin), Nicole, Andrew Gutlans (boyfriend)
Gender Female
Occupation Student

Aria Vega, sometimes referred to as Ari, is a prominent member of the survivor group in The Walking Dead: All Hope is Lost. She is the younger cousin to Arella Vega, and first appeared in the start of Season 4.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

(More to come)


Aria was born in America, however she doesn't exactly know where. When the news of people eating others came, her parents packed up some of their things and pulled her out of school. They started heading out of the state to go find Arella's father to keep the family together. However, one dreadful night while camping out, a herd of walkers found the family and attacked. Aria escaped the scene and later returned only to find her parents dead corpses. She salvaged what she could of their supplies and continued in the direction they were going with the hopes her cousin and uncle were still alive.


Aria lived in the next state over to Washington when the epidemic occurred. When she found out, she was released from school and her parents were on their way to Arella's father's house when they were attacked by walkers. Aria survived the attack and continued on her way by herself. She picked up a gun off a dead body in an apartment complex she hid in one night and eventually found the Raiders and joined their camp. Working as a scout and spy, she made a small place for herself there until finding her cousin Arella in the camp they were attacking.

Season 4Edit

Just showing up in Season 4, Aria is still a new character. When the group found the school which is their current home in season 5, she snuck into the building against the orders of Dominic Gallo to find the floor plans while the building was still over run by Walkers. She is the only character to have been in an infested building by herself and make it out alive. (more to come)

Season 5Edit

Killed VictimsEdit

Numerous counts of Walkers. Indirectly the cause of some of the group's deaths due to raiders.


Arella VegaEdit

After finding her cousin, she has grown closer to her because of the apocalypse.

Andrew GutlansEdit

She is currently in a relationship with Andrew Gutlans. Currently, they are both thinking of marriage.


  • Aria was once working alongside Joseph Crane as his spy.
  • Minato was actually the first one to catch Aria, not Alexander North.