Andriana Gallo('nee Beck)
Actor Evangeline Lilly
First Appearance Season 1
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Age 23
Lifespan Season 1 to present
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relations Dominic Gallo (Husband)
Samuel Gallo (Son)
Christina Gallo (Daughter)
Gender Female
Occupation College Student/Waitress


Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Andriana was a hard working college student. When she was not studying she was working as a waitress. One night after walking back from work a man snagged her and raped her. The scarred scratch marks on her neck are a result of the attack. She was traumatized but she did her best to move on with her life and go back to her studies. A month after the attack she found out she was pregnant and she refused to abort the baby due to her religious beliefs.


Shortly after discovering she was pregnant, the infection came and she was forced to flee the college. Ever since then she has be traveling on foot and doing whatever she needs to get by but her travels while being pregnant proved to be strenuous.

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Killed VictimsEdit

Dominic Gallo

Numerous counts of zombies and possibly people.


Dominic GalloEdit

Samuel GalloEdit

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  • She is the first member of the group to have a baby after the apocalypse began.