Actor Vin Diesel
First Appearance Season 6
Last Appearance Unknown
Status Alive
Age mid thirties to early forties.
Lifespan Season 6 to unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relations Unknown family members (Deceased)

Justin-Friend (Deseased) Danny-Friend (Alive)

Gender Male
Occupation Hinted to gang member, reviled that he is DEA.

"Do I still have a right to explain myself?" Aden to Lambert.

Aden is a member of a group of three known to the group as "The Pack", a nickname given to them by Cole North. He is known as the quick and deadly brute of the the trio. He masks the fact that he is DEA and shows that he doesn't even know how to shoot well until the school was hit making his past become known. His real name is Heath as he has explained to others


Nothing is really known about Aden before the Apocolypse other than he was friends with Danny and Justin before it all started, and that he was an undercover DEA member.


Aden has been runing around the country with his family and his two friends around the country. He eventually lost his family to a group of Bandits. He continued on until he met the group on a supply run.

Season 6Edit

Aden is shown with the pack in the garage showing that he has knowledge of the equipment there. He is later told by Cole to get into the Bronco and head out on a water run with him and a few others. They later return without water but with a small amount of new survivors. He shows a new member Katherine that she can trust him by telling her what he did in the past. When the school was hit he proved that he can shoot unlike prior to the attack and get's Ty to distrust him. He is later locked up in a broom closet.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Countless walkers.
  • Numerous bandits.
  • Possible survivors.


Cole NorthEdit

Cole and Aden have a good understanding of one another and counts him as one of his scavanging commanders. Cole is seen many times commanding Aden showing that Aden has great respect to Cole's position of command.


Danny is a "Friend" of Aden's and he considers the man the bull of the group. Danny is constantly trying to "Control" Aden but often fails showing that he wasn't incharge of the pack.


Justin is a "Friend" of Aden's and tends not to interact with the man. Aden looks to him for his quick thinking until he met Cole. When Justin died Aden showed little remorse proving his distance between the two.


Aden and Ty seem to have a misunderstanding due to the fact that Ty has accused him of being a liar.


  • Aden tends to talk to people with power.
  • He is the only member of the Pack that has yet to get an injury that can result in death.
  • Aden has trust issues and a loner personality.
  • Aden tends to use a machete but has a G16 with him.
  • Aden is a DEA member and will eventually become either a problem or an asset.